The Top Line park model makes great use of its 399 square feet

Mountain Recreation Log Cabins is a prefabricated home company out of Newland, N.C. According to the company's site, its "cabins are unsurpassed in comfort, durability, beauty and best of all, value." It provides prefabricated modular homes, modular log cabins and park model homes that can be custom designed. The company boasts that it "can finish your Custom Built Modular Log Home 3 to 4 weeks after construction begins."
According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), a park model home differs from a modular home in that the park model is built as a recreational vehicle and cannot be over 400 square feet when fully set up. The park model cannot be occupied year-round, either, so it will often be used in campgrounds. The Top Line Park Model Home below is a piece of rustic genius.
Solid wood for the walls and ceilings keep the modular home looking rustic. The floor is covered with hickory, and a rock fireplace keeps the living room cozy in the winter.
The loft has two shed dormers to help let in natural light. 
Granite countertops are used in the kitchen. A range, refrigerator and dishwasher make the kitchen complete.
With only one bedroom in the house, the designers make the most of this space by placing four closets with built-in drawers and a queen-sized bed in the room.
The bathroom also has granite for the countertop. A large cabinet helps maximize storage space in the room.
The porch is screened in so you can sit outside in the evening and not be attacked by mosquitoes.
All 399 square feet of space are put to excellent use with in this home. The building is a solid log construction and costs $69,340. If you have a mountain retreat, this cabin would make the perfect place to stay when there.
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