Check out this remodeled Airstream: The inside is absolutely refreshing

Vintage Airstreams are some of the most fun trailers to renovate, because you get to work with the beautiful curves left by its stainless steel shell. This Oakland, California, renovation takes advantage of the vintage vibe by tying in a few retro elements amongst a stunning modern, and minimalistic design.
We love how big the Airstream feels when you step inside. The kitchen is roomy, there's a full-sized 4-piece table set, and the bedroom is packed with loads of extra storage. In fact it's so roomy, you might forget that you're inside a trailer, parked in someone's backyard at all. 
This Airstream is as classic as it gets – from the outside at least. Parked as a rentable guest house for this family's Oakland home, this shiny and curvy Airstream gleams in the back yard. 
Inside the Airstream modern, minimalistic, and bright with stunning pops of citrus colors. Yellow like lemon, green like lime, and stunning blood orange really stand out against all that white making this space feel massive.
In the front corner the traditional banquette has been swapped out in favor of a retro four seater dining set. We love the vintage element that's been brought back into this modern space.
In the back of the Airstream there's a beautiful little bed surrounded by lots of extra storage space, a big window for tons of natural light, and that beautiful pop of yellow. Plus, there's a private, modern, and fully functioning bathroom right behind it.
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