You must visit this beautifully renovated Airstream. The interior's use of colors is incredible

This California wine country Airstream is just as rich and colorful as the land that surrounds it. Set against the stunning green hills of the Malibu, this resplendent airstream glimmers as the hot California sun shines down on it. But, you can easily escape the heat by parking yourself under this beautiful deck with a pine tree looming overhead.
The interior of this trailer is dark and delicious. We adore the dark blue, almost black walls - and how the homeowners have incorporated a stunning tangerine orange throughout the space for a pop of color. This play on contrasts continues throughout the space, giving you the perfect cozy yet modern retreat to come back to after a day in the country, sipping wine. Take a look through the pictures below to see what we're talking about.
Tucked in the hills of the Malibu wine country, this funky, curved, and gleaming airstream somehow looks right at home.
There's a stunning wrap-around porch in the front of the Airstream so you can enjoy those quiet warm California mornings, and the cool evenings.
We adore these dramatically dark walls. All too often you see Airstreams trying to emulate the same bright, open design - but these trailers are unique, and their design should be too. We adore the pops of bold orange, and how the mustard seats in the banquette contrast the dark walls.
The kitchen is tiny, but totally functional. We love the clean, streamlined design here with black on white and beautiful stainless steel fixtures. 
This bedroom is the perfect cozy place to curl up after a long day of exploring the countryside, and drinking delicious wine. We love how they've lightened up this dark space with a bright quilt that incorporates more orange - which you can find throughout the entire design.
Back on the other side of the Airstream, there's a great seating area. We love the continued pops of orange - and more of that great storage overhead. It's really unique how the cabinets are backlit, combined with that stunning tangerine color. 
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