Take a peek inside a cozy, inviting park model with the smartest storage options

We're back in Texas, and one thing is for certain – Texans don't sacrifice on space. Even their park models, which have a 400-square-foot (37-square-meter) limit, seem roomier. As we could all do with a little more leg room, this 1994 Shore Park park model may be just the ticket to an incredibly comfortable vacation home.
This park model is located in the great city of Alamo, Texas. It comes fully furnished with tastefully chic floral prints, clean lines, and beautiful cabinets. One of the more interesting features can be found under the spacious awning that shields the interior from the hot Texas sun.
Aside from having two front doors, both of which have easy-to-use stairs, a quirky storage shed has been moved up against the park model.
Storing extra items in this shed doesn't have to mean letting them melt in the noonday sun under an asphalt shingle roof; it gets plenty of shade from the awning, protecting your valuables and allowing for easy access.
Vaulted ceilings and large bay windows keep the interior illuminated, yet cool. The park model comes with an A/C unit and sturdy blinds for particularly hot weather.
Naturally, the kitchen in this Texas park model is the biggest space. Entertaining guests and cooking a big dinner is a breeze with all the counter space and cupboard storage you get. The coffee pot even has its own spot in the corner – cute!
A double sink lets you handle the washing up like a pro, and there's a lovely view of the outside from the kitchen as well.
Just look at the bay windows in the bedroom! That's not something you see every day. The room seems much bigger when the blinds are up and all the beautiful sunshine pours through.
A door inside the bedroom leads directly outside in case of emergency, but it's also handy for when you want a private exit.
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