Take a look inside this Kenskill Camper: It's cool and blue from the inside out

Whoever said that a monochromatic color scheme had to be boring? Too much of one color is something that many deplore when it comes to remodeling their RVs. With so many campers originally covered top to bottom in browns and tans, we understand the frustration held by color enthusiasts. However, too much of certain colors might not necessarily be a bad thing.
This 1963 Kenskill camper trailer is, in fact, covered floor to ceiling in shades of blue. Although freshly remodeled, this camper still maintains its vintage charm. Anyone can go online to Airbnb and book this camper for an unbelievable $38 a night. Located in the rural village of San Antonio, New Mexico, it is perfect for travelers looking for a quiet and cozy place to rejuvenate.
Upon entering, you will feel the immediate calming effects of the color blue.
Of course, some contrasting colors were needed to complete the new design such as these hardwood floors and adorable stools. This lovely seating area will make the ideal writing desk or dining area.
The bedroom features two comfortable twin beds with plenty of light and storage. This is the perfect place for the restorative color of blue to work its magic.
For a vintage camper, this Kenskill has a wonderfully spacious restroom.
A soothing shower will put you in your best state of mind.
Even the hand towels are the host's favorite color!
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