Take a peek inside a gorgeously hand-built teardrop trailer: The storage options are overwhelming

If your image of a teardrop trailer is a cramped, dull space just big enough to sleep, this little trailer is going to blow your expectations right out of the water. Ryan over at Teardrop Builder has managed to not only create a teardrop that looks luxurious, but one that has enough storage space to fit all your needs.
This teardrop is bound to be the best-looking trailer anywhere you go - and it's definitely going to surprise your guests with all the storage solution it has packed inside and in the hutch. Besides that, this teardrop is impeccably designed and crafted - meaning it's something you'll have and admire for years to come.
Check out that incredibly rich wood - in the sun it shines with ruby undertones and gleams like one too.
Stepping inside, you're welcomed to a light, bright space with honey-colored wood and lots of natural light. It's also not hard to miss all that storage space - a huge perk for such a tiny trailer.
In these built-ins, you can store everything from gear to clothing and toiletries. No need to keep it all stuffed in the back of your car. Now you can keep all your belongings nicely tucked away inside the teardrop.
In the back, there's even more storage space. Plus, this is the perfect spot to set up a little kitchenette for your camping and travels. This space is plenty big for both your cooking and storage needs.
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