Take a look at the 'Little Swiss Teardrop' and the many charming details within

This little trailer is the home-away-from-home you've always wanted to hitch to the back of your car and go exploring with. Outfitted in a Swiss design - this trailer is also packed with as many helpful tools and hideaways as the famous jack-knife.
But what makes this tiny Swiss teardrop so endearing is all of its thoughtful details. This trailer has everything from a window flower box to air conditioning and a fully functioning kitchen. It may be tiny, but this teardrop has everything you could possibly want or need. Take the tour and see for yourself.
You might be off adventuring, but every time you rest your head in this little Swiss teardrop, you'll feel right at home. We love the cozy interior and cabin design.
This teardrop doesn't just have storage – it has a flat screen TV! At the end of the day, you're going to be itching to curl up here and watch your favorite flicks.
And in case you missed it – that's an air conditioner tucked under the cabinets. Some nights opening up the windows will do the trick, but for those hot, sticky nights, you have the luxury of air conditioning to keep you comfortable.
The kitchen tucked in the hutch looks like something you'd find in just about any home. There's great counter space and tons of storage.
Plus, this kitchen is totally decked out. The builders have installed a microwave, a toaster oven, and they've made sure to add electrical sockets so you can plug anything else in.
It's rare to have a nearly fully functional kitchen while on the road.
Having the stovetop pull out from the cabinet saves much-needed space in this compact kitchen. We love how every detail was attended to here.
Even the windows have been decorated. This mini flower box adds more of that homey feel that is so unique about this teardrop.
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