Tour 'Sunflower:' A bright yellow teardrop with a surprising amount of storage

The stunning sunflower yellow of this teardrop trailer may draw you in, but the interior and functionality are what will make you fall in love. It's easy to think all these tiny trailers are the same because they don't have much space to work with, but the designers of this little teardrop are out to prove that wrong.
This 40-square-foot teardrop is outfitted with a gorgeous honey wood, a big comfy bed, and plenty of cabinet space. Plus, in the outside hutch, there's a great kitchen that has everything you need to whip up home-cooked meals on the go while adventuring.
Check out this teardrop trailer!
The outside of this teardrop may be bright, but inside the bed is as cozy as can be. There are doors on each side, so getting in and out for two people isn't a problem.
Both doors also have windows that open, along with screens to keep all those pesky bugs out.
What we adore about this interior is all the space. There're deep cabinets above for storing everything from clothing to equipment, and then there's that tiny shelf underneath for your vitamins, books, and any other little trinkets.
Look at all the gear and clothing that can fit inside that cabinet! No need to store your stuff in the back of your car - keep it all neatly tucked away and organized right inside your tiny abode.
The kitchen is a great size. There's tons of counter space for prep, a shelf for storing all of your supplies, and what's great too is that the stove pulls out when you need it.
The propane tank fits perfectly underneath, and to the left there's a drawer and more cabinets for storing essentials.
Check out the video below for a full tour of this incredible, bright, and fun teardrop trailer.
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