An updated interior and spacious loft can't compare with the gorgeous kitchen in this model

Yet another brand new park model has caught our eye. Say hello to the 2017 Fairmont Country Manor with a double loft. This shiny mini-mansion has updated features that cover all the latest park model trends.
This model can be found at Suncoast RV Trailer Sales, and units are selling fast! The Country Manor has a super slim design that makes fitting it into a smaller lot a breeze. Despite its small width, it's incredibly spacious on the inside.
Hardwood trim and a warm fireplace make this living room extra cozy. We're loving the slightly rustic décor, not to mention the thick ruffled curtains. This park model is practically all windows!
Cross-backed dining chairs in tastefully chestnut shades will charm any guests lucky enough to be invited over for dinner. The polished nickel chandelier adds a touch of sophistication to the mix.
The kitchen is beautiful. Just look at the granite counter tops! They're so shiny and sleek that it almost seems a shame to prepare food on them. We'll just be over in the corner polishing them up... don't mind us...
Well, if this isn't the most comfortable-looking queen bed you've ever seen. The button in the center of the pillows is a nice touch.
The park model's double loft has plenty of room for a few spare beds!
It's so large, in fact, that it has its own entertainment center. We can see this being made into a second living room or an awesome game room for the kids.
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