Take a peek inside the Chili Pepper: It's as practical as it is cozy

When it comes to getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, sometimes simplicity is all you need. The Chili Pepper has all the storage and gadgets you need to leave home behind and take an adventure.
But that's not to say that this practical little teardrop doesn't feel homey. The inside of this trailer is cozy, warm, and has all the storage and amenities you need for a road adventure or camping trip. So, get your gear ready and take the tour of this pretty, and practical teardrop.
This teardrop has a cozy, warm interior outfitted in nice overhead lights, and a door window and curtain built right in. This is the perfect spot to lay your head and relax after a long day out hiking, or on the road.
The teardrop is lined in this stunning, smooth light honey colored wood. There's matching cabinets for plenty of storage - and take a look at that ceiling fan to keep it cool on warm, summer nights. Crank that fan and rest easy - they've thought of everything for your comfort.
Take a look at that hatch! Pull up the back and you can see the entire kitchen and storage space they've created for you. There's drawers, cabinets, and a big countertop for prepping meals.
Plus, look at that beautiful wood. The color matches the interior and is certain to age beautifully over the years.
Even better - that giant cabinet opens up, and is just the right size for an ice chest. This feature makes this teardrop all the more practical.
Here you can see just how compact this teardrop is. You can easily hitch it to the back of your car and take it nearly anywhere you can imagine. It's the perfect camper for simple but refined camping.
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