See how a retired woman lives full-time in a tiny teardrop: It has everything you need

Retiring usually means you're ready to live life more simply. That implies enjoying the little things, taking adventures, spending time with friends and family — and, typically, downsizing. But one woman has taken the latter to the extreme.
Sharon, featured on Enigmatic Nomads, decided to go tiny and live out of her T@b M@x S model teardrop trailer about a year ago when she retired from pharmaceuticals. She's enjoying tiny living and living sustainably off the grid by hooking up her teardrop to solar panels. Plus, she's really made the inside of her trailer feel like home. Take the tour and see for yourself!
Inside, Sharon has an understandably small but compact and fully functional kitchen. The teardrop boasts a sink, refrigerator and two-burner stove with a big kitchen window view of the great outdoors.
Tucked right next to the kitchen is a super-compact bathroom. Inside, the toilet and shower are essentially one, but this saves much-needed space in this tiny teardrop. The upside? Smaller means less to clean!
On the other side of the teardrop is Sharon's living and sleeping space. She has big beautiful windows that let in tons of natural light, as well as plenty of cabinets for everyday storage. This is a great little space to retreat to after a long drive or a big day of exploring.
What's great about this teardrop is its height. Sharon can stand straight up inside the entire space — a huge advantage for a teardrop and something you don't see all that often.
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