This trailer's silver lining isn't just the amazing paint job – take a peek inside

Well, aren't you a stylish little devil? I'm talking, of course, to the amazing Julian teardrop trailer from Juno Custom Teardrops. This brand-new model has loads of options for customization. There's even a pricing sheet for individual components on the company website.
This trailer is as sleek as a silver bullet, but don't worry yourself over its small size. It packs a lot into a teensy bit of square footage.
Among the options for decorating your custom teardrop are these stunning white-wall tires. You can adorn them with baby moon hubcaps if you please, but they look just as great without them.
A storage compartment sneaks its way into the side of the trailer. If it weren't for the silver keyhole, you'd hardly know it was there.
The Harley-Davidson bed covers do not come with the trailer — sorry. However, you get to choose what you do put in there. You could put pink princess sheets with a sparkly comforter, and none would be the wiser.
On the ceiling of the trailer, you'll find a high-powered fan, an adjustable light and a speaker. If you're wondering what the speaker is for ...
... it's for the awesome entertainment center. Although it doesn't come standard with the teardrop, you can add it to your list of custom options when you're putting in your order.
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