Take a look at a welcoming hand-built teardrop with a strikingly bright wood interior

After reading an Instructables blog about teardrop trailers - one user was hooked. Head over heals for the design, feasibility, and fun these tiny little trailers provide - he took on the project himself and built his own little 'escape pod.'
The handcrafted teardrop trailer is truly a work of art - as you can see the insane attention to detail in every aspect. We love the juxtaposition of the trailers smooth, metal outside against that stunning wood kitchen and we can't get enough of the space he's created inside. Check out the photos below and take the tour of this tiny, handmade teardrop trailer.
From here you can see just how compact this trailer is. It's the perfect size to hitch to the back of your car or truck for a weekend away in the great outdoors.​
The teardrop opens up, displaying this stunning wood in the kitchen, and interior. We love the contrast of the cool metal against the warm, cozy feel of the wood. This is a great look - and amazing craftsmanship.
Close up you can see just how much work went into the kitchen alone. Here, there's tons of space to store all your appliances - and there's even some great prep space. Opening this trailer up while camping is going to have everyone around jealous!
Then there's the spot you've been waiting for - the bedroom! Just look at that wood and all the detail that went into the shelving above. This is yet another up close look at the detail that went into making this trailer.
No mistaking - this teardrop is too beautiful to have rolled off an assembly line! Be sure to share this amazing teardrop trailer with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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