The galley kitchen on this Little Guy teardrop trailer is nothing short of awesome

These new 2017 teardrop trailer models are looking pretty awesome! Little Guy has come out with a brand new trailer called the Worldwide, and it might just be the new international hit.
This compact trailer packs a lot of punch for one so small and includes a surprisingly spacious interior. It can be a cozy getaway for two or a quiet sanctuary for one; either way, the features on this model give you a lot of bang for your buck.
Everyone needs a good entertainment center for rainy weather camping. It may not be a fire to keep you toasty and warm, but snuggling up in your blankets while watching your favorite movie is just as good. The storage space pretty much lets you keep your entire DVD collection in the trailer.
Across from the entertainment center lies even more storage, but once you open up the rear window...'ll be sleeping under the stars! You can't beat that.
There's also a generously-sized window to open up the interior even more.
Are you ready to get cooking? Well, let's cook! A galley kitchen in the back of the trailer features a stove/sink combo, freezer/fridge combo, and a couple of cabinets for storing supplies.
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