Take a trip through the woods in a colorful teardrop with the nicest interior

This little forest green teardrop is fittingly parked amongst the trees in the backyard of a beautiful Carrboro, North Carolina, home. In this tiny retreat, you can enjoy your own slice of peace, quiet, and serenity all with a touch of the comforts of home.
What we love about teardrop trailers is that they're small enough to keep you outside exploring, cooking, or just relaxing in nature. But they're also big enough to hold a large comfortable bed, all your stuff, and like this one - house a little kitchenette in the back.
Take a look at all the space this tiny teardrop trailer has to offer. From here you can see how the hatch opens right up out of the back with a big kitchen space. Plus, on the sides of those deep green walls are doors that open up into the generous living space inside.
Both the inside and the hatch are covered in a beautiful golden colored wood that's aging beautifully with time. We love the all around rustic feel that comes along with this little beauty.
Up close, you can see all this kitchenette has to offer. First off, there's a lot of counter space here which will really come in handy for prepping meals or laying out a lunch spread. There's also a sink (what a little luxury!) as well as great cabinet space and even a TV so you can enjoy an outdoor movie.
A little closer look gives you a look at the TV and stereo system installed for the hatch. This is great for entertainment - like having a little tailgate or just to enjoy an outdoor movie night.
Plus, the designers have installed a big light here, so this space is still useful at night.
Inside the trailer, there's just as much attention to detail. They've installed a TV here as well, so you can snuggle in at night and watch a movie. There's also an air conditioner so on hot summer nights you can stay nice and cool.
It's great to have the little luxuries of home while out on enjoying nature!
The head of the bed has a shelf so you can store all your necessities easily over head. From here you can see just how tall the teardrop is and all the headroom it allows - keeping this tiny space feeling open, and not cramped despite these warm wood walls.
What a beautifully little rustic teardrop trailer! Don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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