Embrace everything steampunk when you pay a visit to this amazing sci-fi trailer

If you are an avid steampunk enthusiast, then we know the perfect place for your next vacation. This 1969 Holiday Rambler travel trailer has recently undergone a custom renovation, turning it into a 19th-century steam-powered paradise. The best part is, you don't need to read a book to visit this world because it can be easily accessed by clicking "book" on Airbnb.
For those not so familiar with the style, steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that is often a futuristic and fantastical depiction of a world that still employs industrial steam-powered machinery. The resulting aesthetic characteristics include Victorian-era clothing and elaborate mechanical elements. To fully understand this incredible style, take a look for yourself below.
The most impressive part about this trailer is the beauty that can be found in the details. No part of this trailer was ignored when it came to this renovation.
Even the light switches have a mechanical steampunk flair.
This stunning ceiling painting really ties the whole space together. We also love the creative use of the reclaimed wood for the sofa and side table.
This trailer might look modest from the outside, but just look at how much space there is to move around on the inside. Although steampunk is reminiscent of the 19th-century, here you will enjoy a beautiful kitchen perfect for this day and age.
In the hallway, you will find some gorgeous industrial lighting with vintage Edison Filament light bulbs.
Warm up next to this awesome fireplace.
Sliding doors aren't just for barns and warehouse apartments; they look amazing in trailers as well.
This bathroom is sure to get your gears turning.
You won't be able to resist diving into these fluffy pillows. Be sure to check out the wonderful woodwork on the windows while in this room.
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