Take a look inside a 2017 Kropf park model that's hiding an intriguing secret

Kropf park models embody luxury and modern design, so it's easy to see why buyers are eager to get their hands on one of them. This Kropf model is #5065 of the Island Series and features stunning high ceilings, chic furniture, and a special surprise in the loft that will tickle anyone's fancy.
As of December 2016, the Kropf Island Series #5065 is currently listed for sale at Timber View RV Center, so if you're in the fine state of Illinois, you may want to drop by and take a peek. Here's a bit of a preview for you.
The living room features a gorgeous stone fireplace with a granite mantle. Lovely large windows let in all the natural light you'll need; napping on that comfy sofa while letting the sunshine warm you sounds like pure heaven.
A sizeable kitchen island/dinette features a set of cute wooden stools for seating. The entire kitchen, as well as most of the park model, is covered in soothing neutral tones. I just love the backsplash!
Just opposite the sink area is a wrap-around wine bar, perfect to use as an extra preparation area or dining space should the need arise.
The bathroom has a huge walk-in shower with frosted glass doors for added privacy.
Naturally, the bedroom's neutral tones help provide a relaxing environment that will give you a good night's rest. There's also a hefty amount of storage space in the built-in wardrobes and entertainment center.
The loft also includes loads of storage space, but it's not the cabinets that we're talking about...
No, that's not a trap door. It's a hidden storage compartment! The cover can be opened much like a cellar door. It's great for hiding away valuables, and you can put a bed or other furniture over it to keep it out of sight.
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