Take a tour of this funky vintage camper: The colors are sure to brighten your day

This Airbnb host couldn't be more accurate when he writes, "Whatever this camper lacks in size, makes up for in personality." Not only is this camper an awesome specimen of vintage trailer design but it has been given a stunningly colorful makeover that is sure to impress its guests.
Many standard RV interiors are characterized by neutral color palettes, wooden surfaces, and subtle patterning for upholstery and textiles. A lot of today's DIY renovations are changing the expectations for RV interiors and are introducing more contemporary stylings such as all white walls, glossy tiles, and bold wallpaper. This trailer has opted for a look that is completely different than either of those options, and we are pretty sure you're going to love it.
As far as structure and layout, not much has changed in this vintage trailer. Even the original linoleum has been maintained, reminding guests of all the marvelous years that this camper has seen.
Every piece of wall, counter, molding, or door has been given its very own color, making this camper feel like you are living on a rainbow.
While it is pretty, this camper is also functional. The dinette table folds down to form an adorable owl-patterned bed which is perfect for both kids and adults.
In the back, you will find another twin bed that is covered with colorful polka-dots.
The cozy bench seating is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your morning coffee.
Because of the camper's small size, there is no restroom inside, but you will enjoy this spacious bathroom just steps from your front door.
A fun place to sleep is not the only thing this property has going for it. It is also located on a gorgeous campground complete with mountain views, easy access to the Appalachian Trail, and of course, the peaceful sights and sounds of nature.
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