Family gives up home for life on the road

Think you aced your New Year's resolution for downsizing? Take a look at this family's video post and see if you could achieve the extreme downsizing of moving from a home into an RV.
In May 2015, Marissa, a nurse, husband Nathan, an entrepreneur, and their daughter Hensley loaded up into an RV to live and travel. This was, of course, after selling their home and undertaking some major downsizing.
"Living with less has been an exciting journey that has opened our eyes to what the world can offer if we are not hiding behind so much stuff," the couple writes on their website. "We are still stuffaholics, but hope this journey will help us focus on what matters most in life …relationships."
This early 2016 post features Marissa giving a tour of the RV and how they manage storage for even their downsized lives. The RV still has plenty of storage for the family. 
They have even thought of a guest bed in the main room. 
Other space-saving modifications of this wonderful RV include using a combination washer and dryer appliance, below Hensley's wardrobe. 
While there's only one bedroom, the couple turned another wardrobe into a combination bunk bed and playroom for Hensley. 
Another idea was utilizing bathroom storage for a hamper and finding a collapsible tub for Hensley's baths.
Finally, this is the master bedroom, including a queen size bed and two wardrobes. 
Marissa misses a few things from her old life — such as a dishwasher and a separate oven and microwave — but overall she seems pleased with their decision to spend time together in exchange for material things, stress and space.
See a video tour of the family's RV below and PLEASE share this article with all the friends you think would enjoy seeing this mobile style of life! 

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