Family of 6 lives full time in Cedar Creek Silverback

You'll never again complain about not having enough space after you see how this family of six lives full time in luxury and comfort out of their RV. 
Heather and Jordan Harger introduce their family on their website,, as "a crazy and ordinary radical family of six." 
As explained in a YouTube video, Jordan, a firefighter and paramedic, and Heather, who has a background in public school teaching, coaching, and administration, chose to move their family from a comfortable suburb near Disney World, to an RV in South Africa, where the Harger family has dedicated themselves to spreading the Gospel.  
"I have a deep desire to serve others in my life," explains Jordan. "Our family is willing to serve in any capacity God needs us." 
The Harger family is in South Africa on a volunteer visa, which means Heather and Jordan cannot receive an income. To live a minimal lifestyle, Heather and Jordan have moved themselves and their four children into a Cedar Creek Silverback RV. 
Heather gives a tour of the three-room RV she and Jordan have converted to be a comfortable full-time living space that doubles as a home-school for their four children, ages 4 to 11. 
Heather begins with a patio area with porch chairs and a long picnic table. She explains the picnic table is multipurpose and is often used not only as a dining table, but also as a space for her kids to do their home-school work and crafts. 
The aesthetic of the RV was completely overhauled with simple modifications like new paint and taking down cornice boards and floral curtains that previously framed the windows and set a drab atmosphere. 
"I just tried to make it really fun and lively. I tried to be more daring than I would be in my normal home," says Heather. 
"I home-school our children and I was really worried how I was going to fit all their home-school things in here, and it all fits great," says Heather. "And actually, I'm really enjoying being a minimalist with that."
Heather replaced the kitchen table and chairs with what she calls "a creative corner," which includes seven seats and a surface that can be used as a desk. 
The kitchen consists of a pantry, refrigerator, stove, oven, double sinks, juicer and countertop with an extra leaf. Two barstools below the counter allow for additional seating. 
Heather explains that she does not use the microwave because she tries "to be as green as possible," and therefore has converted the appliance into extra storage space.
Continuing her tour of the RV, Heather shows where her girls, Esther and Phoebe, share a bedroom and her boys, Silas and Asher, share a second bedroom. 
"This is truly a two-bedroom for kids," says Heather who points out the extensive storage areas. 
Heather uses bright colors wherever she can, such as purple in the bathroom and green in the master bedroom. 
The master bedroom fits a queen bed and is lined with storage, making the RV a bright, comfortable living space for the big, warmhearted family. 
What did you think of the Harguer's abode? For a live tour of the RV, check the video below. Please share it with your friends on Facebook if you liked it as much as we did!
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