Feast your eyes on this award-winning custom 1959 Airstream Pacer

What began as an obsession with restoring classic cars now has innovator Randy Gomez combining the craftsmanship of a bygone era with modern technology on a slightly larger scale. For Gomez, the process of painstakingly restoring a vintage trailer is more that just a renovation — he approaches each project as a work of art. We were able to chat with Gomez and learn more about his stylish labor of love.
After restoring his first trailer, a '65 Safari, Gomez founded Hollywood Vintage Airstream, a company through which he sells his masterpieces. Due to Gomez's meticulous work and high standards, he tells us that he only produces a couple of models per year to ensure quality.
Gomez's exquisite handiwork has not gone unnoticed. According to a Facebook post published on Feb. 27, his restored 1959 Airstream Trailer won the People's Choice Award at the 2016 Vintage Trailer Show at Modernism Week in Palm Springs and was featured on the television show "Extreme RVs." Let's take a tour of the prizewinner:
The 18-foot aluminum trailer has a sleek, aerodynamic shape that's sure to turn heads.
During his segment on "Extreme RVs," Gomez highlights his restoration goals: to redesign the interior of each vintage trailer as he thinks they should have been designed in the first place.
He tells us, "Every inch of our trailer's space is optimized with incredible detail — from the yacht-finished cabinetry to our custom vintage lighting."
This area is perfect for lounging or sleeping, and the white birch paneling echoes the sleek exterior with a more homey feel.
Every aspect of this trailer "from the axle up" has been restored and custom-made, creating a "new state-of-the-art trailer in a vintage skin."
The round peephole in this door complements the yacht-finished cabinetry for a cool retro vibe.
All the appliances comply with modern standards despite their nostalgia-inducing appearance.
This sink sparks a streak of envy as green as its porcelain finish.
Gomez assures readers that the "chef's kitchen with restored porcelain vintage stove and oven, using era-correct countertops and lighting," is fully operational.
All the appliances are flawlessly fitted within the cabinetry, and we can't help but swoon at the flawlessly coordinated appliances and dishware.
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