Tour this ultra-girly remodeled 1969 Silver Ghost trailer

When you hear the words "pretty in pink," it's understandable to immediately think of the prolific 1980s movie, but we're asking you to travel a decade or so further back in time. This 1969 Rolls Royal Silver Ghost was lovingly remodeled with a color scheme that would drive Barbie absolutely mad with envy.
This travel trailer is exceedingly rare, and the eBay seller claims, "I only know of 3." The 144-square-footer's striking exterior is only surpassed by the darling interior, but don't let all the pink fool you into thinking it's a toy. This trailer is fully functional and in amazing condition for its age.
Seriously, how could you walk past this glamping glory and not want to take a peek inside?
And the door is shiny! Irresistible to even those most averse to camping.
To keep the interior from appearing overwhelmingly Pepto-Bismol pink, black and white accents keep the color grounded. The stove features a four-burner cooktop, and we cannot express how essential the chandelier is for amping up the decadent atmosphere.
The plush breakfast nook is freshly reupholstered and practically begs you to grab a seat and sink back into a pile of sumptuous throw pillows.
The shiny gold mounted deer head above the daybed perfectly epitomizes the spirit of this travel trailer —  tangentially related to camping yet full of pizzaz.
Even the backsplash is shiny! Every little detail makes me fall more in love.
According to the eBay listing, the trailer can be towed without a problem. Looks like your girls' nights can extend to a full weekend if you so desire.
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