See how 22-year-old downsized to a full-time RV living. The bedroom is pure joy

With rising rent quickly becoming an insurmountable problem in Auckland, New Zealand, 22-year-old Lily Loveheart Kemp sought alternative options. Luckily, she found respite in the form of a vintage pop top camper. She describes her new dwelling as "a way to move my house with me and not have to miss out...I can fold it down, attach it to the back of my not-so-strong car, and drag it behind me anywhere."
The vintage-inspired camper cost $1000, and Kemp spent an extra $500 on the interior to make it truly her own. At the time of the interview below, she had parked the camper in the backyard of a flat in a central suburb — conveniently close to town — while only paying about a quarter of the rent indoor inhabitants pay.
One of the biggest benefits to living in this camper, Kemp gushes, lies in the fact that it is wholly her own. Rather than abstain from making drastic decorating choices (such as wallpaper or flooring) in the fear of a landlord's retribution or leaving it all behind when a tenancy is up, she can customize her living space to her heart's content.
The exterior is canvas, but Kemp is planning on replacing it with a more weather-proof option.
Let's take the grand tour, shall we?
Unbeknownst to Kemp, the floor was completely rotten when she purchased the camper. She and a friend replaced it, then set to work on the rest of the furnishings.
The sleeping nook is at the far end of the camper. We love her use of bright colors and patterns to give the space a cheery, retro vibe. The plants also give it a homey touch.
According to her interview in the video below, Kemp has gradually lived in smaller and smaller spaces since she began living on her own, and the restrictions have helped her become more aware of cleanliness and of what she truly needs.
These boxes house Kemp's "everyday clothes" for easy access.
Everything else is packed away and concealed under the bed and this comfy-looking sofa.
The bed is composed of four cushions and transforms into a dining area with a table that pops up from under.
Kemp revels in the "girly things" she was able to achieve without compromise — her makeup station, the plush bedding and pillows, the flowers, the color scheme.
The galley kitchen is fully functional and perfectly suited for Kemp's needs. She has access to the kitchen in the main flat, but rarely uses it.
How adorable are these knobs? They complement the mint green painted cabinets flawlessly.
The entire camper relies on a solar panel to power all electrical devices, and Kemp is proud to note that it only cost her $60.
Kemp urges other to start thinking creatively when it comes to finding a place to live. "Keep your options open," she advises. "Don't necessarily say no to something just because of maybe what you thought about those kind of people before — in terms of caravan living. It's such an awesome way to have your own space but be totally independent."
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