Enjoy the tour of this gorgeous renovated 1969 Airstream 

Marsha Heckman is the owner of this completely renovated 29-foot 1969 Airstream International, and she's very right to be as proud of it as she is. Featured in the New York Times, one of the most impressive things about this vintage beauty is that they found it abandoned up on a dirty road. 
As she explains in her AirBnB post, renovating this Airstream was a "three generations family project." It took them a year to gut "it to the bare aluminum shell and then rebuilding it." The best part is that it turned out "exactly as we envisioned it: A clean new modern space inside the iconic mid-century Airstream silver bullet shape."
The result is what you see in the images below. A vintage beauty that mixes retro and modern to perfection. The family lovingly calls their "aluminum guest house" "The Heaven," adding that it has a great feng shui that always leaves people with a smile on their face. There's a reason why Marsha has been awarded with the Airbnb Superhost award. 
The living area has been decorated with a very delicate, minimal taste, very close to what one would have seen in the late 60s or early 70s. Doesn't it feel like Don Draper could own this very trailer? 
The red kitchen is just plain gorgeous and definitely not something that you see every day. It also features "handcrafted exotic hardwood counters."
From the microwave to the toaster, even the sink is red! "I could do exactly what I wanted. I did a red kitchen, because every girl wants red shoes and, once in her life, a red kitchen," Marsha explains to the New York Times. 
The "Astro" dishware is also vintage and handmade in San Francisco. 
The bedroom also has that vintage vibe. From the nightlamps to the comforter, doesn't it feel like a scene from 50 years ago? 
This is authentic 1969 vintage décor, and it's as delightful as it could be! 
The beautiful, renovated bathroom's walls have been covered with vintage maps, turning  every trip to the bathroom into a cool adventure. 
All in all, is it impossible not to fall for this beauty or not? Please, tell us what you thought by commenting on Facebook and please SHARE it with any of your friends you think would enjoy it!

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