This old-school Airfloat provides a blast from the past – just check out that couch

Airfloat travel trailers first went into production during the 1930s, the same decade of Great Depression, Tin Can Tourists says. So if you come across one, it's possible that you're looking at a piece of equipment that's 80 some years old. Up until the 50s, production on the Airfloat was altered and adjusted in ways, but the aesthetic largely remained the same.
The last Airfloat travel trailer was produced in 1957 after Omar Suttles, the brains behind the operation, retired. Nowadays, thanks to our infatuation with all things vintage, the trailers are still quite popular, with many people trying hard to get their hands on one. If you're one of those people, or you just appreciate their craftsmanship, check out the vintage Airfloat below.
The interior doesn't look to have changed much over the years. The colorful couch goes well with the wood insides.
Here's a look at the back of the trailer, complete with a fold-down table and a cabinet to display relics or store platters and cutlery. 
The kitchen has plenty of counter space for food preparation. 
This alternate angle of the kitchen gives you a peak at the den in the back.
Some users have surmised that this room was once the bedroom before it was turned into an office of sorts.
What did you think of the space? Would you occupy a trailer like this one?

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