1948 Vagabond with warm interior

The Vagabond Coach Manufacturing Company started production on a line of trailers back in 1931. The Michigan-based company worked on a number of different models, some geared towards individuals and some geared towards families. Inside you would find birch wood panels to go along with plywood flooring, according to the Tin Can Tourists.
Vagabond travel trailers are no longer in production, nor have they been for quite some time. Thus, it's always quite exciting to spot one in the wild, whether its original framework is still intact or if major renovations have been completed. Below, check out this trailer from 1948 which appears to have its original interior, down to the plywood flooring.
A peek inside shows the incredible woodworking skills that employees at the Vagabond Coach Manufacturing Company must have had.
While small, the kitchen has just about everything a chef needs. Plus, the window right above the sink lets in plenty of natural light - and allows for natural air circulation.
Here's another look at the comfortable couch which pairs nicely with the floral drapes and curtains.
You really get the sense that not much has changed inside this trailer since its production in the 40s.
If you were lucky enough to call this trailer yours, would you keep those curtains around?
A comfortable looking bed sits below two windows.
Here's another angle of the kitchen.
What was your favorite aspect of this 1948 Vagabond?

Come on in and see this gorgeous space.
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