Tour this Spartanette Royal from the '50s with a stunning all-original interior

Don't let the outside of this 1951 Royal Spartanette fool you. Though its exterior is perhaps a bit bland, the all original interior is bound to blow you away. It's amazing that this trailer, now some 60 years old, is in such great condition. The Royal Spartanette was in production from 1948 to 1953, says a Facebook page dedicated to the travel trailer.
The interior consists of some gorgeous woodworking and vintage appliances. It's sure to evoke nostalgia for those of you who have camped in a trailer of this nature. Check out that booth seating!
Here's a better look at the eating area. How would you like to eat your meals here?
The trailer is also home to a sizable, vintage fridge. 
How about that oven? It doesn't get more classic than that.
Past the kitchen is where you'll find the bedroom. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the bathroom available.
The amount of space in the kitchen is sure to satisfy any chef.
The below pictures showcases the fine woodworking skills of the manufacturer.
What did you think of this Royal Spartanette?

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