Take a tour through the A-522 Tiny House park model

One of the best things about these portable recreational trailers is just that – they’re portable. Surrounded by home comforts, your holiday home on wheels can take you anywhere at any time without the hassle of reservations or hotel bookings. Now, don’t get me wrong, we love cozy cabins and small innovatively designed spaces, but sometimes in a park model, we need a little more room. The ironically-named Tiny House offers just that.
A-522 Tiny House by Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins is an excellent-sized one-bedroom park model with 399 square feet to relax in. It boasts all the features of a comfortable modern living space alongside the classic characteristics that you expect to find. Come and see more…
Even from the outside, you can see how light and open this wonderful one-story park model is. Huge, almost floor-to-ceiling windows line the four sides amongst the warm, light green, wooden panels of the exterior structure. We absolutely love the extra clerestory window above the entrance, ensuring this recreational vehicle is as bright and open as possible. It also adds character, avoiding the box-like styles which are common in park models.
Stepping in, you come directly into the large, open-plan living room/kitchen area. The entrance itself is bright and decorated with a homey touch. You really don’t feel as though you are in a portable structure due to the high ceilings and clean, classic, magnolia-white walls.
Just look how airy the living room is with the slightly sloping ceilings; it really opens the space up. Finely furnished in light modern colors, there is more than enough square footage here to fit a large L-shaped sofa to accommodate all the family. Light floods into this room from the great number of windows – lovely!
Moving on to the long kitchen area, you can see how uncluttered this park model is. Plenty of floor space covered in chic laminate-style wood, and the kitchen does not intrude on the living room at all. We imagine those spotlights at night create a wonderful bright atmosphere to relax in.
There is an abundance of storage space in this good-sized kitchen – just what you need. This park model comes with a huge cooker and full-size fridge/freezer, which fit effortlessly into this well-equipped kitchen. The quality dark wood kitchen cupboards are a nice contrast against the bright white walls and lighter furnishings.
From the kitchen, you can see how the large open-plan area leads to the bedroom and bathroom at the far end of the model. The same wooden flooring provides a sense of continuity throughout the house – important in smaller living spaces.
Tiny House’s modern bathroom boasts a huge walk-in shower and all the facilities you require. We love the easy-to-clean marble countertops and extra storage space built in and around the sink and toilet area – so useful!
The bedroom is not much smaller than the living area and kitchen, providing vacationers with a wonderful place to relax and sleep after a long day traveling or having fun. The same large windows found throughout the floor plan give you a perfect spot from which to watch the world go by outside. Lots of storage for your vacationing needs and even an optional dresser, you won’t want for much while away.
Curious to see the layout in more detail? Take a look at the floor plan…
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