The Cascade Lodge: A portable park model log cabin with incredible storage space

Some of us dream of having the chance to be more mobile but worry about giving up the homes we are so used to. These days, these fears are unfounded - there are a number of wonderful park model log cabins on the market which satisfy our inner wanderers while still maintaining the comfort of living in a full-scale dwelling.
The Cascade Lodge by Palm Harbor Homes is a perfect example of a great house on wheels. You certainly won’t feel cramped with over 380 square feet of living space, plus two porches, taking the total length to 54 feet. Curious to see more? Let’s explore…
It’s really not hard to imagine yourself in this well-designed park model trailer. Offering everything you need over two stories, this functional light wood cabin on wheels has plenty of room for a small family. The covered front and rear porches give the model a touch of elegance not to mention wonderful entertaining areas.
Stepping into this bright and airy abode from the main porch is the large, open-plan living room with connecting dining area. When inside, you really could be in any small residential house with comfortable furnishings, high ceilings and plenty of bright windows to let in the light. We love the shaped top windows, which add charm to this wonderful place.
You can see in the photo above how the winding staircase leads up to the open loft above. Now, one very crucial part of a well-designed park model cabin is the use of available space. Just look how these modern light wooden stairs couple as storage drawers – you can even lift the top stairs to reveal a hidden safety deposit box – so inventive!
Do you remember the ornate white balcony soaring above the comfy living room? Creeping up the staircase to the 2nd floor, you’ll find an incredible loft space, doubling the sleeping capacity of Cascade Lodge. Unlike some park models, the ceilings are not too low and the wide back window really opens the loft space up even more.
On the far side of the living room is a compact, yet fully functional kitchen with all modern appliances, including a large fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and oven. Depending on the specification chosen, the kitchen can be manufactured in both light pine-coloured wood – as seen in the photo above – or white. The countertop doubles as a small breakfast bar so that you can gaze out of the large side window while sipping your morning coffee.
Painted in warm colors with a beautiful half-paneled wall, this master bedroom oozes relaxation. Big enough for a double bed, the high ceilings with stunning borders really open the room up.
Wondered how to get onto the smaller back porch? Large patio doors from the bedroom lead onto a private sheltered outdoor space. Imagine waking up in this comfortable room with the light shining through the windows, inviting you to take a step outside – just amazing!
We’ve already shown you the innovative storage space built into the nooks and crannies of this house, but no great park model would be complete without plenty of cupboard space to hide your clutter. Stretching across one of the bedroom walls, these skillfully manufactured built-in closets really utilize the space well. Even the corridor areas have been well thought out!
Clean, light and modern, Cascade Lodge’s bathroom has everything you need. I bet you didn’t imagine you could fit such a large walk-in shower in a portable model, did you?
Want to see an example floor plan? Take a look…
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