Renovated 1979 Airstream installed in a New Orleans backyard is a sight to behold

Why stay in a swanky hotel when you can lodge in a fully renovated and rustic Airstream? That's right, up on the popular home-rental site Airbnb, a New Orleans couple is renting out their fabulously renovated 1979 Airstream for a unique night away. Visiting a city like the fabulous Big Easy isn't quite enough – a wonderfully original place to stay is a must to make the most out of any trip.
This Airstream has all the vintage charm you expect, the owners noting on Airbnb that along with its classic looks it sits right under a 100-year-old sycamore, and is surrounded by a long new deck. Once inside though, this Airstream is far from reminiscent of its days in the 1970's. The Airstream is modern and rustic, and boasts salvaged materials from all around the city.
The beautiful woodworking on the bench and back wall plays on those old paneled walls from the 70's, but their weathered look is more vintage-chic than a hop back in time.
We love how the kitchen counters as well as the banquette table are made up of this white-washed wood. It pops against the wood floors, and the beautiful woodworking around the rest of the space. From here you can see how they've framed the bed in more of that reclaimed wood, tucking the bed beautifully in the corner. 
This rocking chair is the perfect place to sit with a book and a cup of tea before crawling into the bed. And don't let this wood surround fool you, it's not all for show. The wood frame opens at the bottom to reveal drawers that add a lot of space to this tiny Airstream.
The reclaimed wood walls continue into the bathroom which is much more spacious than you'd probably imagine. The wood looks especially good here because it's surrounded by so much white, making the warm colors really pop. And yes, that's a soaker tub in the corner there. As if the big bed wasn't generous enough, you can also sit back, relax, and have a nice long soak in the clawfoot tub.
There's also an outdoor shower if you fancy it. More reclaimed wood in a beautiful modern design shields, and gives you privacy in the outdoors. 
Enjoy a drink on the deck outside while sitting on some vintage lawn chairs and gazing up at a hundred-year-old tree. 
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