This renovated 2001 Fleetwood Wilderness trailer is a traveler's must-have sanctuary

This mobile home renovation transformed a dark and dated space into the modern marvel of simple living it is today. The trend to go tiny has many thinking about, and even buying, tiny homes or mobile homes in order to simplify their lives through purging and reorganization. A difficult process, yes, but a satisfying one nonetheless.
The couple who make up the blog Anchored Home, Jorge and Ang, are sharing their renovation and acclimation to life inside a tiny home, and they say it's not all easy – "Yes, simplifying comes with a wonderful lightheartedness. But it also comes with the gut-wrenching pit in your stomach due to getting rid of things you hold an emotional attachment to," the couple writes on their website.
But once you get inside and see the final result, it might seem worth it. This space, while tiny, has an open-concept feel that elongates the mobile home, all while giving each nook and cranny its own purpose.
In such a small space it's important to keep things light, and bright. The color combination of ice blue, chocolate brown, and a little pop of color like the yellow in the curtain only make this space feel bigger.
What was once a banquette table has been transformed into a fully functioning home office that some in a regular-sized home might envy. Tucked underneath are drawers, up top there is plenty of cabinet space for books, and they've even framed the little window to let in more light.
Tiny, stylish, and purposeful, this kitchenette would give some urban apartments a run for their money. We love how the backsplash is made of these tiny black tiles that match the sink and the appliances, and the mix-and-matched wood tones add some fun organic flair.
What was once dark and discolored is now bright and cheery. The bright whites pop against the blue we see in the rest of the home, and the mirrors help reflect light and make the space feel bigger.
The full-size bed takes center stage in this tiny mobile home. Flanked by long colorful curtains that make the ceiling seems taller than it really is, the blue bed really pops. We also love the creative storage solutions here with kitchen cabinets above the bed, and tiny bedside tables that can pack a lot inside.
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