Tiny 1973 travel trailer gets bright, colorful update

Looking inside this trailer now, you'd never know the life it lived before. Once dark, dated, and covered in hideous and itchy looking fabric from the 1970's, Mandi, the blogger behind Vintage Revivals, has transformed the space into a modern, chic getaway with some serious Southwestern flare.
The caravan is all about contrast: Vintage and modern, light and bright, organic and shiny. And while the space is very small, it packs punch in both design and usability. Mandi and her husband have been able to breathe new life into their old shell of a trailer. Check out the before and after pictures below.
What used to look like something that was good for the trash has been turned into a beautiful desert rose. A little paint, a new door, and some festive ornaments were enough to give a whole new look to the 1973 Bell travel trailer.
The dark, depressing corner with the unflattering floral pattern and clashing colors was completely torn down and replaced. The brand new nook may still be tiny, but it's now packed with color and fun design. Everything from the yellow wallpaper to the geometric shade around the light play on the vintage feel of the tiny caravan, while still adding a modern touch.
You can see more of the before-after process, as well as extra shots of the "Nugget," as Court and Mandi have playfully named it, on their blog.
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