Homegrown Trailers' 90-square-foot rentals are just perfect (watch video)

Adventure through the Pacific Northwest in style, and sustainably with these petite but fully equipped trailers. What's great about trailers is that they give you the flexibility to travel at your own pace and see incredible destinations and parks without having to pitch a tent. But these trailers by Homegrown Trailers set themselves apart with their eco-friendly design and rentability.
These trailers are made with renewable materials, without toxic chemicals, and come solar-paneled so you can become one with nature while on your caravan adventure. The 90-square-foot trailers boast beds, modern kitchens, bathrooms, and freshwater – meaning you have all the amenities of home just on wheels. Plus, the design is cozy, rustic, and sleek. 
These trailers are compact, and that's just how it's meant to be. Homegrown have equipped the trailer with everything you could need, but the small space is also meant to emphasize that the reason you rent or buy one of their trailers is to spend more time outside. So while you'll love kicking back here, it's the freedom it gives you that you'll really appreciate.
The trailers pop open on the top to let air in, and there's also a back hatch which you can use for outdoor cooking prep.
From here you can see the solar panels that make this trailer completely self-sustaining.
Inside the trailer you can see all the modern amenities they've packed inside. The trailer sleeps four, and from here you can see two of the beds. The kitchen is also fully functional with an electric stovetop, running water sink, a mini-fridge, and plenty of prep space by the window.
Up close you can see the attention to detail they've paid in this kitchen. The burners are nice and big, and they look sleek against the countertops and rustic wood.
From the kitchen looking outward you can see the other bed folded up, and the compact bathroom space. The toilet may look exposed, but up at the top there is a shade that pulls down for privacy. 
The light colored wood on the floors and walls keeps this space feeling open, and rustic, the perfect combination for your outdoor travels.
The bed by the door pulls out to a full-size bed that can fit two, and it even has electrical outlets right by the headboard so you can charge up your phones, tablets, and anything else you might need. 
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