Step in this park model to see what 'luxury' means. Both bedrooms are stunning

The Avonmore Holiday Home by Willerby is England's version of a park model home. Willbery's site reveals that the company was founded in 1946 in the village of Willerby. It has expanded and now resides in Hull. Its site boasts, "With seventy years [of] industry experience, our extensive knowledge of the processes and dedication to detail involved in creating a quality product is truly unsurpassed."
So what sets a Willerby Holiday Home apart from other park model homes? The company strives to keep its recreational homes "green" or eco-friendly. It tries to be careful both in the manufacturing process and with the materials that go into the park models to keep its impact on the environment low. The appliances installed in them are also energy efficient.
According to the Avonmore site, the park model was redesigned for 2016. The living room is an open space, keeping the 463 square feet within the vacation home feeling roomy.
Most people don't want to give up the comforts of home when going on vacation, and some even want to take a step up in the world. The Avonmore has gas central heating and a gas fireplace for a cozy or romantic evening. Plenty of seating is provided with the L-shaped couch.
A dining table in the eating area is freestanding and can be moved around easily. Plenty of windows allow natural light to brighten the entire park model home.
The kitchen is U-shaped and has a microwave oven, a "twin cavity oven," a full-sized sink and plenty of cupboard space. The layout is truly sleek and elegant.
The main bedroom is roomy and even has an area for doing hair and make-up.
The second bedroom has two beds for guests or other family members. Extra storage space has been built in in the shape of closets and cupboards.
The bathroom has a vessel sink and cozy nooks for storing extra towels.
A glass shower helps make the space seem larger and more spacious.
With its calming color coordination and elegant kitchen and living room, Avonmore brings luxury to park model homes. Just because you want to environmentally friendly doesn't mean you have to live or vacation in an austere manner. The best things can come in tiny packages.

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