Family's renovation of a 1950 Spartanette trailer is like a mobile kids' treehouse

If a family of five could fit inside, so could you! The couple behind the blog Wildflower Photos created a small, well-organized space that packs not only their brood of children – but everything they could need for a California road trip. The couple has breathed new life into the once old and dated trailer, making it a haven for playtime and vintage design.
The trailer has everything you could need: A kitchenette, beds, a dining table, and even a play area. And they've packed it inside by using multipurpose pieces and getting creative with storage. 
This is what the family had to work with, a 23-foot trailer fully equipped with electricity, water, and propane. No bathroom though, they have to rely on the parks they stay in.
At first this trailer was just a shell – an open space covered with wood, looking like a time capsule from the 1950's. But that's just what the family wanted so they could totally customize it.
From here you can see that back corner totally transformed into a play area. There's a couch that doubles as a pull-out bed for the kids, but during the day it's just part of the fort. The corner is also packed with shelves for books, baskets for toys, and even a table and chair. 
Plus, we love the vintage feel here. They've really played up the wood walls and made them a great focal point of the space. It looks fresh yet with an antique vibe.
The table is actually an old typewriter table that during the day is part of the play area, but at night turns into the family dinner table. Using old pieces like this, that can serve multiple purposes, is just what you need when working with such a small space.
From here you see the kitchen shelves that double as part of the play area, and that awesome vintage-inspired chair. For such a small space they've really maximized every nook and cranny by making each piece purposeful and stylish.
Right by the kitchen, and leading into the 'master bedroom' you can see the wall of storage where most of the family of five's stuff is stored. Most caravans and trailers have this kind of space tucked away, and they've utilized it to the max by adding organizers on the inside.
Playing on the vintage vibe, they've tucked away kitchen essentials behind a cute little curtain that has a retro flare. And in the bedroom, they've taken old lockers and used them for linens. The lockers add some more whimsy to this colorful, fun, and vintage space. 
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Finally, the master bedroom may not be as big or separate from the rest of the home like you'd expect, but it's a sanctuary all its own. Tucked in the back corner and covered in vintage linens and quilts, this space is the oasis those parents are going to need after a day with all those kids. 
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