Feel what 'home' means seeing the inside of this park model. The layout is great

Park model homes come in all different styles, but the Skyline 1941CT, as listed by Park Model Homes, has character on the outside and luxury on the inside. The rectangular shape may give away the fact that this vacation home is a park model home, but everything about this tiny abode speaks of elegance.
The Skyline 1941CT is produced by Shore Park Homes, and according to its website, the company has been in the business of creating prefabricated homes since 1951. The company, located in Elkhart, Ind., puts out quality park model homes that can be used for vacation homes. According to Park Model Homes, park models are titled and registered as recreational vehicles and are not meant to be lived in year round. 
Since one of the restrictions on a park model home is that the gross square footage of the homes must not exceed 400 square feet, figuring out how to create a little slice of heaven in that amount of space takes great skill.
Skyline takes park model homes to a new level of elegance. Hardwood cabinets and flooring make people feel like they are in a classy hotel. The island in the center of the kitchen is great both for preparing food and for eating at once the meal is prepared.
Although the basic layout is the same in each home, you can customize the inside of each home by choosing the types of woods for the cabinetry, adding tile splash guards and customizing the flooring.
Each vacation home has a living room off the kitchen and a loft that can be used for an extra bedroom or play area.
The master bedroom has the hardwood cabinetry for storage, and the artful use of mirrors helps keep the space from feeling too small.
Even the bathroom has the hardwood cabinetry and trim. The entire park model home gives to whomever stays there a glimpse of how opulent a tiny space can be. The rich woods and artful use of space keep this tiny place a tiny haven for those who retreat to it.
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