Live your dream vacation with this coastal getaway-style home

You'll be living in your perfect vacation home with Lil' Lodges' park model cottages. Soft, sandy beaches and bay breezes come to life in Lil' Lodges' Koastal Cottage series. You won't have to worry about planning your next vacation with a home like this. This little charmer has all you need to feel like you're living beach-side, including colorful interiors that evoke images of coastal scenery, along with oak laminate floors.
Lil' Lodges mostly specializes in log cabin park model homes, but it has recently rolled out a series of park model cottages that feel just like living in the countryside or bay area. The Koastal Cottage series is all about finding your little slice of Havana to relax in, whether that's in a small town or a metropolis. It even has a front porch for hot days where you can sit back in your favorite wicker chair, sipping a cold drink in the comforting shade.
Buyers get to choose what color they want the park model home to be, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your home. Along with color options, the home has vented overhangs on the front, side and back to provide shade for hot, sunny weather and protection from rain.
The home's interior is clean, bright and pleasantly spacious for a small home. Vaulted cathedral ceilings and a loft make the home seem bigger, and the kitchen's handcrafted white cabinets simply shine. A full-size refrigerator is included with each floor plan.
A breakfast nook gives the kitchen area that extra homely aura that coastal cottages have and looks stunning when decorated with ferns and tropical plants. There's also a 52" lighted ceiling fan in both the living room and bedroom for residents to stay cool at night.
You don't have to live right on the Pacific or Eastern coasts to experience coastal living. You've got everything you need right here in Lil' Lodges' Koastal Cottages. It's a home and a vacation all rolled into one!
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