Cavco's rental park models are the best little sanctuaries

If you have ever stayed in a cabin on a campground and thought to yourself "I would love to have one of these as my own private sanctuary," you're not alone.  Park model cabins and RVs, defined as having less than 400 square feet of space, are a great choice for temporary, recreational housing. Two-thirds of park model owners locate them within several hours' drive of their primary residence, reports the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association
Jack Hanna (yes, that Jack Hanna) has several park model cabins on his 40-acre ranch on Montana. "It's amazing to see what Cavco has done for people who might not otherwise be able to live the dream of having a second home, whether it's in the mountains or along the coast," Hanna told Cavco Park Models and Cabins in a November 2013 article on their website.
This Cavco model, built for Kampgrounds of America, comfortably sleeps up to six people.
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The kitchen features full-sized appliances in a space-saving and super-efficient corner arrangement.
Bunk beds are tucked behind the kitchen and dining area, across from a half-bathroom.
The ladder for the bunk slides along the top for positioning anywhere along the length of the bed.
On the other side of the home is the master bedroom, large enough to accommodate a queen-sized bed, two night stands and a bench.
The master bathroom includes a soaking tub with shower. Note the cubby spaces above the toilet and below the sink.
The floor plan indicates the air conditioning, ceiling fans, and heaters that ensure comfortable temperatures inside the home at any time of year.
Whether you envision yourself enjoying multiple "glamping" trips or enjoying a getaway second home, a tiny park cabin may be exactly what you need!
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