Man builds French-style teardrop trailer from scratch

This mini teardrop trailer is très magnifique. The reclaimed wood and french flair leave you ready to hitch it to the back of your car and explore lavender fields, and the southern coast of France. Luckily though, you can take this trailer just about anywhere and feel transported to a mini french chateau.
This little trailer was built from scratch, which allowed total customization in the design including the french doors, lovely design accents, and even a glass ceiling so you can sleep under the stars. This teardrop trailer is something you can easily make yourself, and you can find the full directions at Instructables. But for now, check out the making of this mini chateau and get inspired.
It all started out with a flat trailer that would become the base for this little bed on wheels.
Next, after the reclaimed wood was carefully chosen, it was time to build up the frame of the trailer. A frame was made for the arching top, and large pieces of wood were placed on the front and back. One side would serve as a back with a window, the other for french doors.
Next it was time to lay the floors on the inside, and chose the best finish and water seal for the outside of the trailer. This little teardrop needs to be durable, so choosing a heavy duty seal is important. We love the choice of the dark finish here too, it makes the whole trailer look like a little antique.
Then it's time to add the plexiglas top for stargazing. This glass is super easy to install with just some screws and is much lighter than regular glass – plus it's flexible, which is perfect for this arched top.
Now it's time for the details, the fun part! This fleur de lis adds to the french flair, and we love how it looks up against that reclaimed, dark, rustic wood. 
Open up the french doors and you're transported to a what looks like a rustic, boutique hotel in the countryside. The linens, art, fleur de lis on doors, and stunning wooden walls make this space chic and cozy.
Look at that view! As if the interior wasn't incredible enough, that ceiling takes your breath away. Light up the lanterns, grab a glass of wine, and stargaze right from the comfort of your bed. 
This little teardrop was transformed from a pile of wood into a luxurious little camper perfect for weekend getaways. Forget Paris, get making this camper! 
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