1974 Airstream Sovereign is completely remodeled

Airstreams are all the rage these days, but with so many older models that have been around forever, it's hard to find one in decent condition without having to shell out top money for the latest ones. The best, and most creative solution there is, is to completely renovate an older Airstream trailer and make it into a brand new beast. But that's often easier said than done.
"Airstreamy," a 31’ 1974 Airstream Sovereign, is a dream come true for Matt Hibbard, his wife Jenny Hibbard and her twin sister Christie Kinchen. Matt and Jenny always thought it would be cool to own an Airstream and when they finally landed upon an ad for one on Craigslist, in Aguila, Ariz., they drove the two hours from Scottsdale to take a look. 
The Airstream was filthy, inside and out to say the least.  The current owner had bought it 6 months earlier from a man who had been living in it full time and that’s all she knew about it. The huge swamp cooler on the roof was a big eyesore and if Jenny had her way, would have been taken off the minute they sealed the deal. The couple happily towed the Airstream home and so began Airstreamy’s journey back to glory. 
The Airstream had gross vinyl flooring which had to be removed, only to find wood laminate floors.
The ceiling plastic was dirty and yellowing, and parts of the wood floor were rotting. 
Lots of steel wool and elbow grease later, the cooktop started looking better.
According to Jenny, the bathroom was the scariest room in the RV. It was dingy, dirty and all the plastic was discolored. 
The toilet and the plumbing fixtures had to be switched out for newer ones. After all the priming, the inside was painted a natural white and accented with blue tiling. The window was covered up by a screen for extra privacy.
When it came to seating, it was pretty hard to find a couch that would fit the tight nook in front of the kitchen but eventually, Ikea came through. 
The couple also landed upon a sofa bed that fit almost perfectly in the Airstream : A couch that can be laid flat to create a bigger sleeping space. It can be a sofa, chaise lounge or bed, depending on what's needed.
Airstreamy was finally taking shape on the inside. A couple of extra pieces of furniture, some throw pillows, and other ornaments to liven up the living room, and it looks like a different place.
Between the new mattress, the cleaned-up kitchen and the brand new storage space, the Airstreamy was, at long last, ready to be used.
And soon enough, it was time for the outside to shine as well. The Airstream was taken to M & M Truck Polishing in Eloy, Arizona.
Matt, Jenny and Christie are still working on Airstreamy now that it's got a new lease of life. You can learn more about them and their travels on their website
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