Meet Gus: A vintage trailer turned cool Arizona-themed glamper

Renovating vintage trailers seems to be all the rage nowadays, and there's really no limit to the number of styles and themes to choose from when redoing your camper's entire interior decor. Color palettes are always a great place to start, but what about going a little further? Tara and Devin, the bloggers behind Salt & Pepper Moms, took to redesigning their trailer with a very specific theme in mind: the charms of the Arizona desert.
According to the owners, the vintage travel trailer was in pretty good condition when purchased. The only changes made to the outside were small and fun; the propane tanks got a new look and the trailer got a name decal. 
The inside of the trailer features a couch upholstered in bright red with black and white Aztec pillows from IKEA and a homemade cactus pillow. There is plenty of storage space under the couch in the form of drawers. 
It folds out into a full-sized bed, above which is a full-sized bunk. This bunk tucks away to create head room when not in use. The red patchwork quilt on the bed is homemade. The curtains are the original curtains that were in the trailer, with the exception of the yellow accents. 
The seating area received the same bright red upholstered treatment and features a large pillow with cacti in keeping with the Arizona theme of the travel trailer. 
This area doubles up as a third bed, twin size this time, which accommodates the couple’s two youngest children. 
The kitchen is painted in mustard yellow and has a double stainless steel sink. The gas lamp set on the top drawer adds a fun and interesting detail. The trailer floor is covered in brand new carpeting. 
Beautiful and thoughtful details such as the hanging copper mugs offset the copper of the gas lamp while the camper cookie jar on the countertop looks like a miniature ‘Gus.’ A map of Arizona and actual cactus plant keep up the Arizona theme behind the design while a red magnetic clock and green canisters finish off the little kitchenette area. 
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