Prestige Park Homes' Rustic model is a colorful, charming masterpiece

If you're going to have a log cabin, you want it to be cozy yet feel open and airy. This model home does just that – bringing all the charm and character you'd expect from a log cabin, while surprising you with all the modern amenities you desire.
The pink roof is just one charming detail – there's lofty ceilings, exposed beams, and wood details that will leave you admiring every corner of this cabin. Plus, the kitchen in here is massive – it might be bigger than the kitchen you have at home. Take the tour to see just what we're talking about.
From the outside you can see just a handful of the incredible attention to detail they've incorporated into this log cabin home. The roof is a pretty pink, and that porch is totally screened in. So you can admire all that nature has to offer without getting eaten alive by the bugs. 
From here you are looking into the kitchen from the living space. There's an island you can pull some stools up to, and there's even a fully functioning fireplace. The room is covered in this stunning light pine that really opens up the space. 
Looking into the kitchen you can see how big this space really is. Equipped with a full-sized fridge, oven, and stovetop, you can cook up some amazing home cooked meals here. Plus, that big gorgeous window over the sink is perfect for bringing the views right inside.
Looking up these lofty ceilings draw your eye up, and around the room away from the not-so-wide walls. Plus the windows up by the roofline bring some much-needed light pouring into the kitchen.
The living room leads directly up to the loft space, and the entire area is encased in large windows. They let in tons of light, and they're framed beautifully. Look at that little window up top, it's not only letting more light into the room – it's adding a charming detail to this very ornate space.
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