Take a tour of this cute travel trailer from the bloggers behind Fresh Crush

As most great RV stories go, this one starts with some wanderlust and combing through craigslist. Jen, the brains behind Fresh Crush and self-confessed lover of all things “one of a kind,” decided she and her husband needed a camper; not the kind that costs thousands of dollars, but a simple camper for weekend trips. They landed on one that cost $500.
Needless to say, it required lots of work, starting off with a wash. The wood in the frame was rotten and had to be taken out. Lots of sanding, and some primer later, the camper began to take shape. The couple then borrowed an automotive paint sprayer and some cream paint later, the trailer was looking better. After her husband was done with the paint job, Jen, who was determined to add a Chevron stripe to the exterior, got to work. 
Inside the camper, space was tight and according to Jen, not very functional. When camping, the family usually cooked over a fire or a gas table stove, therefore they decided to ditch the fridge and oven in the kitchen. All other unnecessary items were ripped out and the rebuild began. New vinyl flooring was installed as well as a sliding pullout bench seat which doubled as a queen size bed. 
Some sheets and blankets in yellow and teal and the queen sized bed was ready to be used. It folds up into a bench that’s perfect for hanging out with friends. The re-upholstered cushions create a comfy seating area. The “Keep Calm and Camp On” print is homemade and keeps the sleeping area welcoming.
The kitchen was reassembled after some sanding and new paint, not to mention an awesome steel cabinet painted sky blue to finish it off and add storage space. The backsplash and pretty curtains in the kitchen area add a little color to the all-white cabinets. 
On the other end of the trailer, two benches were installed creating a great little breakfast nook. The original cushions got new fabric covers; the same yellow and black as that of the seating area.  This dinette also doubles up as a twin sized bed.  The benches have storage underneath. The curtains were hung using a flexible rubber cord that can be screwed into hooks. 
Simple and elegantly done, we love this remodel. Fresh Crush goes to show that you don't necessarily need thousands of dollars to experience the great outdoors in your very own camper. 
To find out more about Jen and her adventures, check her out on her website. What do you think the remodel? SHARE it if you liked this little tour!
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