Tour Hunter cabin: beautiful piece of work inside that's fully customizable

You retreat to a log cabin to get away from it all – the daily grind, stress, your job. But in the end, while you want the rustic elements that a log cabin and the forest have to offer, you still want the space and amenities you rely on at home. Wayside Lawn Structures has made all that possible in their Hunter Lodge cabin.
This space is wide open, and you can equip it with nearly any amenities you want, and while here you're going to see a wide open space in which you can customize the layout however you want. Take a tour through this rustic retreat to get some ideas for the creation of your own dream cabin.
From here you can see the front of the cabin with all those beautiful timbers that are perfectly tongue and grooved together. You can also opt for a porch on the front, the perfect place to sit and relax after a long day.
Inside you can customize it however you'd like. Here you can see they've decided to go for a big open kitchen and living space, with a bathroom and bunk bedroom in the back. We love how they've incorporated both dark and light pine in this space – the contrast is a great design decision and adds some depth to this wide open space.
This bedroom doesn't just pack in extra storage with the lofted bunk beds that can sleep up to four, but there's also plenty of room for storage underneath. This beautiful design makes it not only a stunning but functional space. 
Finally, the bath. This bathroom is fully equipped with everything you could need and it looks great too. With tons of storage, a full size shower, and a great sink this bathroom can compete with any normal household bathroom.
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