Stay toasty in the winter with this park model's blazing fireplace

It's the quintessential charm of a country residence that makes this park model loft feel like home. The warm, rich colors seem to radiate the feeling of a cozy cottage in the woods, but its modern features will keep just about everyone happy. The A-509 Loft comes from Athens Park Homes in Rockwall, Texas. Although Athens Park Homes specializes more in rustic cabins and larger park models, this inspired park model may make the decision for anyone on the fence about small space living.
The exterior includes a spacious front porch and white trim that can be seen in many other designs, but it seems to pop out at you when placed against the background of the house's maroon paint and siding. All you need is a white picket fence, and you've got yourself a dream home right out of the pages of Country Living Magazine. 
There are a range of different options for this park model, but this one has some gorgeous laminate counter tops with a tasteful one row edging of black tile. The formal dining room area is a cozy little nook just off the kitchen, and it's easy to imagine how welcoming it must be when guests walk in and see the fireplace lit across from the table.
The living room area has a couch tucked away in the corner, ready for you to lounge on it after a long day. Access to the \ loft is easy to get to via the carpeted steps.
The kitchen comes fully stocked with a double sink, electric stove, microwave, wood cabinets, and a sleek refrigerator to match the décor. 
Straight through the kitchen and down the short hallway is the master bedroom with enough room for a queen bed. The his and hers lamps let one of the couple sleep while the other drifts off with a good book.
There's quite a bit of storage space built into the mirrored closet opposite the bed. 
The bathroom has a sliding shower door for a shower/tub combo, and the laminate counter tops from the kitchen can also be seen at the bathroom sink.
With a fireplace that could warm the whole house and a comfortably snug interior with a sophisticated touch, what's not to love about this park model?
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