Baby blues and romantic charm abound in this lovely hillside park model

A lot of us grew up being told that the perfect home was the one with the white picket fence. Although a lot of interior design has swung more towards a modern style, some houses have the old-fashioned romantic charm we know and remember. Take the Hillside park model home, for example. This whimsical cottage will have you dreaming of your own honeymoon suite when you get a look inside.
The Hillside park model home is from Platinum Cottages in Malakoff, Texas. You can see the special touch they put into each park model home design, and each seems to be more impressive than the next. Platinum Cottages steers clear of the usual boring interior of assembly line park model homes, and that couldn't be more evident than with the Hillside model.
Although the blinds are closed in these photos, you can easily imagine how much natural light pours through the open windows, brightening the spacious living room with sunbeams and nearly making the lighting fixtures obsolete. Since this home is in Texas, a ceiling fan comes standard to keep the sweltering temperatures from overwhelming the home's occupants.
The living room also includes an entertainment center. You'll have to bring your own electronics, but the cabinet and TV stand are included in the Hillside model.
The entire house has a lovely light blue theme accentuated by brilliant white trim and silver fixtures. This theme even carries over into the kitchen appliances. You can see the dual-color fridge and the bold blue of the stove. The roomy kitchen also includes a charming kitchen island and large sink with a compact food pantry just opposite.
One of the best features in the Hillside house is the marble-topped nightstand in the bedroom. It's a bit of a shock to see such quality in a park model, and it adds a wonderful touch to an already stunning home. 
Platinum Cottages lives up to its promise of quality, and you can bet that more of their homes will be featured on this site. You can check out their full selection of park model homes to see other brilliant styles with superior interior design. 
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