Live in the mountains of Colorado thanks to this lovely rustic cabin

This authentic log cabin in Poudre Canyon, Colorado is the perfect blend of rugged, mountain living and relaxing comfort. Situated on a level plane right next to the Cache La Poudre River, this cabin is the ideal spot for swimming, fishing or relaxing with loved ones.
The exterior screams ‘Old West’ and adventures, but there’s nothing to spare for the inhabitants of this dream home. It is equipped with all the modern amenities you’d require, all while maintaining that wild feel that you will love.
The yard is quaint, and private, letting you have the peace and quiet you’ll cherish.
Not to mention this great swinging bench on the property!
Inside, you'll find the living room provides ample space and comfort; perfect for giving room and board to friends and family. 
Not only that, it'll be impossible to miss the authentic stone fireplace that heats the cabin, which also serves as an entertaining set piece.
There are two bedrooms, both of which large enough to fit a generous bed. The bedrooms, as well as the rest of the house, also receive excellent natural lighting due to their large windows.
The kitchen really steals the show in this home! Its generous size is immediately noticeable and can easily accommodate the needs of a whole family or vacation party.
Not only that, the cabin comes equipped with a shed out back; perfect for storing all the fun gear you’ll need when you take some time off!
Take some time to imagine yourself in the quiet, tranquil mountain ranges of Colorado and picture yourself in this lovely home. With the rugged charm and nearby river of a storybook, this cabin really does have it all for those wanting to get in touch with their wild side!
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