Peek inside this renovated 1969 Airstream. The interior is surprisingly bright

Airstreams like this are the epitome of retro class, and the interior of this renovated 1969 Airstream means you can bask in the old days while enjoying all the modern amenities you're used to. It's packed with air conditioning, retro furniture and design, and a custom-made bed for the space. 
Even though an Airstream is used to tour the country and enjoy the great outdoors, we know having a retreat like this to come back to makes those adventures that much better. The inside is almost all brand-new – but of course with a retro flair – plus, it's light and bright so you're never going to feel confined. Take the tour and see just what we're talking about.
Take a look at this big, shiny, beauty! Her classic curves and sheen are going to turn heads as you roll on by.
Stepping inside this '69 trailer, you're whisked away to another time. We love the contrast of the rich dark wood and the golden floors – plus the clean lines in the kitchen and furniture make it feel modern and sleek. 
There's plenty of space here for a kitchen, entire seating area, and even a little retro kitchenette.
It's all in the details – especially in a small space like this. The reflective little dinette table bounces lots of light off its surface, and paired with the bright red chairs this little corner is a retro classic. 
From here you can see how they've really maximized the space! That table across from the couch triples as a desk, TV stand, and even extra prep space. From here you can also look all the way to the back where the bed lies in its own cozy little corner.
The bed is custom-made for the space, and boasts its own windows with tiny little curtains. Open these up during the day to let in more light, and close them up at night for maximum privacy.
Finally, this Airstream comes with a full bathroom! A real-sized toilet, sink and even bath makes this powder room just as functional as the one in your home. Plus they've kept it beautifully bright to make the space feel bigger.
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