Take a peek inside this 32” 1978 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht

Mackenzie and Blaine are the brains behind The Local Branch Co, a luxury retail brand that creates one-of-a-kind handmade goods “throughout America.” The couple runs their business and lives full time in a 1978 Airstream Sovereign land yacht 32”. Mackenzie and Blaine’s’ products reflect their personalities and so does their trailer.
In 2014, the then 29 year old high school sweethearts lived in an apartment in San Francisco. Debt ridden and uninspired by their jobs, the two self-described makers always dreamed of creating their own brand and traveling throughout America. They searched the Bay area for office space to make this dream a reality but it was too expensive to be feasible. 
Enter craigslist and a $3,000 ad for a 1979 mold-covered Airstream with a broken window. It took four weeks, $7,000 and lots of sweat for the couple to gut, clean, paint and repair the trailer before redecorating and moving in to their new home permanently. The duo now have a functional space with an inspiring aesthetic that serves as their home and office creating luxury handcrafted goods as they travel “throughout America.”
The vision for the Air stream, christened “Silver Ranch”, was for it to serve as both home and office, so it was necessary to create lots of storage and work space. For the demo and renovation to begin, the Airstream was parked at the outskirts of Richmond district as their apartment only had street parking.  
The main seating area also serves as the workshop, office and dining area. Counter space and storage was created using reclaimed redwood that was picked up from A&J fencing in California. The redwood was chosen as a reminder of their previous lives in San Francisco where hiking in the redwood forests was a favorite past time. 
Hung prominently at the center of the main seating area is a large Bison skull that was purchased in Sedona, AZ. In El Paso, TX,  the couple purchased two rugs but found out that one was way too big for the floor. The larger rug was instead used as a pillow case for an oversized pillow that creates a cozy seating area. The second rug lays on the redwood floor.
On the floor rug sits two stools created from two ballot boxes. These boxes are upholstered in red plaid blankets. The stools serve as chairs for the counter and also convenient storage areas. The trailer is decorated with one-of-a-kind items that the couple picks up on their travels throughout America. 
Over the window is an old flag purchased in Georgia. A simple metal bar attached to the walls serves as a display area for local branch goods. The rack showcases screen printed t-shirts and vests created by the company. On the walls hang planters with succulents. The planters are simple aluminum gutters that Blaine made himself. 
The bed also has lots of storage; it was the first purchase the couple made. Under it are pear crates turned drawers that were purchased in Northern California. The Pendleton blanket on the bed influenced the rest of the decor. Above the bed hangs a vignette where a flashlight, Boy Scout hatchet and a beloved Stetson hat that’s a family heirloom are prominently displayed. 
Several other Stetsons decorate the Airstream; this one hanging on the wall was purchased during a trip to Nashville. In the kitchen, the under-mounted kitchen sink features gold faucets and a lid which helps create more counter space when not in use. The countertop in the kitchen was created from metal and cost $25.  
The trailer has no shower area as this was ripped out to create more room for storage, the toilet works just fine though. The couple usually spends about $10 to $20 per night to park their Airstream in campgrounds around America. You can follow them on their travels through their website. 
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