Take a tour of A Small Life's renovated 1978 Airstream Sovereign

We often assume campers like this 1978 Airstream are perfect for cross-country trips, or camping weekends away – but Melanie and George from A Small Life have shown us that these trailers are so much more than that. With a clean, modern revamp, this Airstream has been transformed into a fully functional home.
Packed with all the modern amenities you'd expect, along with a ton of great design, this Airstream shows us that small living is possible with the right tools. It's all about storage and a design that maximizes the space at hand, and we see just that in this amazing renovation.
The outside of the Airstream is classic – the swooping curves and shiny sides are everything you'd expect out of this trailer. 
It's once you get inside that you realize this Airstream is anything but vintage, or ordinary. The brand-new wood flooring is not only easy to maintain, but gives this space a real homey feel. Plus we love how the white furnishings let this incredible quilt just pop.
Small and functional, this table is both a desk and a night stand. It's perfect for getting some work done or just organizing the little things in life – plus being the same white as the walls means it doesn't take up that much visual space.
Just like the rest of the home, the kitchen is small but purposeful. They've really maximized storage here and created a simple design that makes this home feel modern and sleek.
We love this bench! Such a great pop of color for this white space – plus that little nook for your feet and holding a few books is very creative.
Look at all that storage! This custom-built unit holds all of the family's albums and other knickknacks in those incredible drawers. We love how the wood looks like it's been stripped right from a barn. 
Finally, the bathroom. This space is fully functional like any you'd find in a normal home or apartment, and it looks just as good. With some vintage-inspired wallpaper, and clean white and bright appliances, you might just forget how small this space really is. 
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